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Strategic Solutions


Throughout our firm’s history, we have sought to improve the investor experience through a combination of leadership and partnership. 

As a leader in the alternative investment space, we seek to deliver guidance to our investors and to continuously improve our investment approach amidst ever-changing markets and an evolving industry. 

Leadership fosters partnership, as successful leaders support the accomplishments and advancement of others. When it comes to partnership, we seek to be a good partner in all aspects of how we do business. 

i. ESG
We actively seek to offset our carbon footprint through our enrollment in the Carbonfree Partner Program.
We have developed SRI security-screens for certain investment strategies and offer fossil fuel-related exposure reports for investors seeking greater transparency into ESG factors. 
We consistently consider ESG guidance in our approach to the firm’s governance, including firmwide adoption of our code of ethics and incorporating effective management and oversight throughout the company. 
ii. D&I
We value diversity and the benefits that a diverse workforce can bring to business strategy, practices, decision-making, and success. 
We strive to foster an inclusive culture that values the contributions of employees with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. 
iii. Community
Lighthouse actively supports our local community and a variety of causes that are important to our diverse workforce. In addition to our many corporate sponsorships, our employees have also served as volunteers and board members for a wide range of charitable organizations. A few examples include: The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County, Doctors Without Borders, Little Smiles, Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park, Ballet Palm Beach, and Place of Hope, among dozens of others.

Our Impact

Our partnership approach extends to the bigger picture. We actively encourage community engagement, environmental stewardship, and an inclusive workforce. 
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